the perks

It's not the hours you put in; it's what you put in the hours.

The Perks are a range of amenities and services that help make your working hours more successful and productive.

*The Mark reserves the right to alter The Perks offered to tenants.

The Chatroom

The Chatroom

Want a break from the office? The Chatroom™ is a semi open plan dedicated-to-tenants floor with WiFi enabled hotdesks, relaxed seating and a mini-pantry for collaborating, casual meetings, networking and events.

The Hotspot


Turn up, sit down, open your laptop and get working at WiFi-enabled hotdesks in The Chatroom™.

The Cubes

The Cubes

Do away with a space-consuming meeting room in your own office because The Cubes™ feature fully equipped meeting rooms for client presentations and conferences.

The Buzz


Relaxed networking events and talks to help you connect with the people you'd otherwise just say "hello" to in the lift.

The Mark's Man

The Mark's Man

24/7 concierge for everything from booking a meeting room to restaurant locations. Professionally managed by JLL.

The Kickoff


Free coffee to start your day right.

The Box

The Box

Convenient and secure storage space for files, light equipment, inventory or samples. Available for short or long term rental.

The Park


Three levels of on-site valet parking.